Consultations For Police & P.I.s

We provide complementary consultations to those in our policing, corporate, insurance, financial, forensic accounting and private investigation networks on all legal matters, making referrals where it is appropriate, and respecting referrals when they are received.

Criminal Prosecutions 

At Investigation Counsel, we are experienced in preparing criminal fraud complaints for the police and in bringing private prosecutions, as well as weighing the pros and cons of bringing simultaneous civil actions. We welcome your call to discuss the use of criminal proceedings as part of your recovery plan.

Due Diligence 

At Investigation Counsel, we commence our due diligence investigations by reviewing client documentation and information to identify flags of fraud. We then conduct standard public record searches on the persons or issues identified. This procedure is standard practice of most investigation firms or lawyers providing due diligence services

Investigation and Privacy

At Investigation Counsel , we defend private investigators and security agencies against civil actions, typically involving allegations of false arrest, negligent investigation or supervision, malicious prosecution, invasion of privacy, breach of Charter rights, defamation and assault.

I.S.S. Services

At Investigation Counsel, we as the ISS for law firms seeking to preserve evidence by way of an Anton Piller Order. Our policing experience and extensive networks ensure that Anton Piller Orders are executed peacefully and properly.

Retainer Agreements

 At Investigation Counsel, the hourly rates we charge are based on the lawyer’s experience and year of call, with consideration to the hourly rates charged in the legal marketplace.