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‘Crypto King’ associate wipes iPhone, hands over $1M in bank drafts payable to Aiden Pleterski:

An associate of Whitby, Ont., self-described “Crypto King,” Aiden Pleterski, handed over more than $1 million in bank drafts payable to Pleterski last month in response to a civil search warrant. Read the full story on

Luxury cars seized from 23-year-old ‘Crypto King’ as investors try to recoup millions

Two McLarens, two BMWs and a Lamborghini make up just a few of the $2 million worth of assets seized from a 23-year-old from Whitby, Ont., as his investors try to recoup millions of dollars they handed over to the self-described “Crypto King.”

But so far, Aiden Pleterski’s assets fall far short of what his investors claim they’re owed. Read the full story on

Court extends rare order to freeze up to $20M in crypto, cash donations to ‘Freedom Convoy’

An Ontario Superior Court judge has extended a rare injunction that has frozen millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies and other financial donations to the so-called Freedom Convoy.

The Mareva injunction was issued on Feb. 17 by Justice Calum MacLeod. Law firm Lenczner Slaght brought this motion forward, acting for Champ & Associates, the law firm representing Ottawa residents in a proposed class-action lawsuit against convoy leaders and protesters. Read the full story at