The term “immigration fraud”, for our purposes, is the exploitation of foreign citizens attempting to obtain permanent residency in Canada, and is also the exploitation of Canadian employers seeking to hire foreign workers. This fraud is often perpetrated either by immigration consultants operating within Canada or foreign immigration ‘professionals’.
In cases of frauds perpetrated against immigrants, the immigrant is promised that by utilizing one of the aforementioned services that they can not only expedite the immigration process, but also guarantee their citizenship, usually at an extremely inflated cost. In some cases document fraud (misrepresentation) is encouraged by the fraudster in the form of the applicant entering in to a false marriage in order to obtain citizenship.
In cases of frauds perpetrated against Canadian employers, the employer is provided with false information as to the immigration process and the reasonable fees for immigration services. Often these cases result in false invoicing schemes, as well as the provision of false services.
At Investigation Counsel PC we have prosecuted various immigration fraud cases, and prepared criminal and regulatory complaints. If you suspect you are a victim of immigration fraud, we welcome your inquiry.