Retainer Agreements

Traditional law firm retainer agreements set out in detail the contractual arrangement between a lawyer and their client. Law firm invoices are broken down into fees and disbursements, and the hourly rate for fees is typically the central issue discussed when retainers are negotiated. At Investigation Counsel, the hourly rates we charge are based on the lawyer’s experience and year of call, with consideration to the hourly rates charged in the legal marketplace.

In addition to the traditional hourly rate retainer arrangement, we are open to discussing fixed fee or contingency arrangements for certain clients in certain circumstances. Fixed fee and contingency arrangements, however, do not lend themselves well to complex fraud litigation, as where the twists and turns in this type of litigation are as unpredictable as the fraudsters being pursued.  Fixed fee agreements are more suitable for specific aspects of the litigation process, such as the issuing of an action.  Contingency arrangements are normally only considered if it is possible to freeze an asset pending the resolution of the litigation.

At Investigation Counsel, we operate as a boutique litigation firm. Our rates are very competitive compared to large national firms with focused fraud law practice groups as we do not incur the overhead costs associated with operating such complex organizations.  We welcome you to contact us to discuss a retainer arrangement that is appropriate for your case