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ICPC Recovery Stories

Investigation Counsel PC Instrumental in 4 Year Investment Fraud Sentence

Often civil fraud recovery cases serve the dual purpose for a fraud victim of financial recovery and psychological vindication through retribution. Normally retribution in civil fraud recovery cases is a judgment issued by a Court with written reasons that become public record. For an example of a full recovery and retribution through a published judgment, obtained by our firm, see the case of MTI ats Zia Shlaimoun, Nik Korakianitis and …Read More

Investigation Counsel PC Recovers $2M Investment Loss and $2.5M in Litigation and Investigation Costs

Mining Technologies Inc. v. Zia Shlaimoun, Infinafund Limited et al. 2013 ONSC 7280 (CanLII) On May 27, 2010, Mining Technologies Inc. (“MTI”) transferred $2M USD into Infinafund Limited’s bank account at a bank in England. MTI made this investment on the belief that it was a short term bond transaction. Later, when MTI inquired about the investment no information was received from Infinafund’s operating mind Zia Shlaimoun. MTI then retained Investigation …Read More

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