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Fraud & Debt Recovery Litigation

Fraud and Debt Recovery Litigation is the focus of our firm. We act as counsel to corporate, institutional and individual victims of fraud in the context of investment transactions, employer scenarios and in business or personal relationships.

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Fraud Recovery Assessments

While Fraud and Debt Recovery Litigation is the focus of our firm, Fraud Recovery Assessments are a service we provide to fraud victims on a fixed rate or complementary basis. Whether our assessment is fee based or complementary depends on the complexity of the matter and whether we are retained for the recovery litigation.

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Investor Class Actions

Investment losses are an inevitable part of investing in the stock market. However, investors do not assume the risk of misleading financial statements, misrepresentations in MD&A, oppressive conduct by directors and officers, insider trading, market manipulation, and professional negligence involving a company’s auditors or professional advisors. Investigation Counsel can provide knowledgeable, timely guidance and representation in investor class actions and assist in the recovery of investment losses.

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From the Blog

When Lawyer Misstatements Amounts to Civil Fraud

This blog summarizes a recently published decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal which somewhat clarifies the where the line is drawn between a lawyer’s fair and zealous advocacy for their client and their liability for civil fraud for deceiving the Court and opposing counsel with false statements.

In our fraud recovery litigation, from

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