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Al Itwar

Toronto Class Action Lawyer Al Itwar

Assisting victims recover from the financial and psychological consequences of fraud is a passion of mine. In addition to my involvement in civil fraud prosecutions and preparing criminal fraud complaints, I am also involved in advocating for vulnerable persons through pro bono work. I am pleased to avail my unique experience in policing, the armed forces, and civil litigation to fraud victims who seek assistance from Investigation Counsel PC.


Al’s practice is focused on fraud recovery litigation for retailers, insurers, private companies and individuals who have incurred losses to rogue employees. Al has a keen in interest in recovery for investors who have fallen victim to investment scams, as well as investigating wrong doing against vulnerable persons. Al also provides Independent Supervising Solicitor (ISS) services for other law firms that obtain Anton Piller orders (civil search warrants).

Al obtained his law degree from the University of New Brunswick in 2000. After joining the Toronto Police Service in 2001, Al was called the Bar in Ontario in 2003, while gaining experience in Uniform Primary Response, criminal investigations and intelligence. Al gained civil defence litigation experience at TD Insurance after leaving the police. Prior to attending university, Al was an infantry soldier with the Toronto Scottish Regiment.


In addition to obtaining his law degree from the University of New Brunswick in 2000, Al obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto in 1996. Al also prepared a number of academic papers throughout his various careers and attended numerous policing programs such as the Intelligence Officer’s Course, Psychological Profiling, Terrorism Awareness, Fire Investigations, Advanced Search Warrants and Criminal Investigations.

Community Involvement

Al is involved as a volunteer with his local hospital, as well as having served on a town committee.

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