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Investigation Counsel Network

Over the years we have come into contact with lawyers from various police agencies who have been called to the bar in Ontario. Some of these lawyers with police experience have furthered their careers in the public sector as Crown attorneys or have been elevated to the bench. Others have entered the private sector, focusing their careers in criminal defence or civil litigation, police management or association administrative law, or as corporate or real estate solicitors.
Networking with these lawyers with police experience has enhanced our fraud recovery practice and our defence of private and police investigators. This network of lawyers has also provided mentorship to law students who have come from a background in policing. Inquiries to any of the lawyers listed in this Investigation Counsel Network is welcome, either directly to the lawyers listed below or through our office.

Norman Groot
Director – Investigation Counsel PC

Judiciary / Crown Attorneys

Dickson, Kirk

Court: Crown (Fed) – Newmarket
Law School: Western
Police Service: York

Poland, Mark

Court: Crown (MAG) – Orangeville
Law School: Western
Police Service: Military

Private Practice

Crate, Jim

Law Firm: Fahey Crate Law PC (Sutton)
Law School: Western
Police Service: OPP
Phone: (905) 722-3771
Email: jcrate@faheycratelaw.ca
Website: www.faheycratelaw.ca
Notes: Real Estate and Estates

Dean, Jim

Law Firm: Jim Dean Law
Law School: Western
Police Service: London
Phone: (519) 619-0183
Email: jim@jimdeanlaw.com
Website: www.jimdeanlaw.com
Notes: Criminal Defence


Law Firm: Swaye & Ass. (Hamilton)
Law School: Dalhousie
Police Service: RCMP
Phone: (905) 524-2861
Email: mgorbet@swaye.ca
Website: www.swaye.ca
Notes: Civil – Personal Injury

Harrison, Chris

Law Firm: Chris Harrison Law
Law School: Western
Police Service: Peel
Phone: (519) 941-0218
Email: chris@orangevillelaw.com
Notes: Real Estate and Estates

Lee, Jimmy

Law Firm: Jimmy Lee Law
Law School: Osgoode
Police Service: Toronto
Phone: (416) 360-1568
Email: jleebarrister@yahoo.ca
Notes: Criminal Defence/ Police Services Act

Silverberg, Christine

Law Firm: Wolch  deWitt Silverberg & Watts
Law School: University of Calgary
Police Service:  Calgary Police Service
Phone: (403) 767-0833
Website: www.calgarycriminaldefence.ca
Notes: Criminal Defence, Civil Litigation


Venables, Ryan

Law Firm: Hawtin Dotsikas Lawyers
Law School: Western
Police Service: York
Phone: (519) 914-5132
Email:  ryan.venables@hdlawyers.com


Law Firm: Cleveland & Co Lawyers
Law School: Notre Dame University – Australia
Police Service: Peel
Phone:(08) 6336 7511
Email: gerry@clevelandlegal.com.au
Website: clevleandleagal.com.au


Additional Fraud Recovery Resources

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