Fraud Recovery Assessments

While Fraud and Debt Recovery Litigation is the focus of our firm, Fraud Recovery Assessments are a service we provide to fraud victims on a fixed rate or complementary basis.  Whether our assessment is fee based or complementary depends on the complexity of the matter and whether we are retained for the recovery litigation. To report your fraud case to us, please contact us by email and we will respond within 24 hours. If you report your fraud to us through our website, advise us of:

1. the amount of the loss;

2. when the fraud was discovered;

3. the jurisdiction (city) where the fraud took place; and

4.  the jurisdiction (city) where the person responsible for the fraud resides.

For further information with respect to what steps to take upon discovering that you are the victim of a fraud, theft or other financial or property misconduct, we refer you to our blog “What You Should Consider if You Discover You Are a Victim of Fraud – Our Views on “Triaging” Your Fraud Case”.

We welcome inquiries related to corporate frauds, employee frauds, investment frauds, insurance frauds, relationship frauds, and all forms of losses resulting from financial misconduct. We only take retainers from victims whose losses are greater than $25,000. Where losses are less than $100,000, we recommend you contact a paralegal service. We will provide you a reference to a paralegal service upon request.

If you have been a victim of corporate fraud and would like to discuss a recovery plan please fill out the form below: