Toronto law firm Investigation Counsel Professional Corporation has launched a proposed class action against Symantec Corporation. Those affected are all Ontario residents who purchased Norton  branded security and antivirus software anytime  between July 2010 through July 2016.

This case arises out of recent news reports that, for at least seven years, there were critical vulnerabilities in a large number of Norton security and antivirus software products.  Not only did these longstanding and serious vulnerabilities make the protection and security features of  Norton antivirus software products less effective, they also allegedly made users of those products more susceptible to security breaches due to hacking, malware, and computer viruses. Investigation Counsel believes that Ontario residents who purchased these allegedly defective  Norton security and antivirus software products may be entitled to compensation.


On November 14, 2018, the Ontario Court certified this action as a class proceeding and appointed the plaintiffs as representative plaintiffs for the class.

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If you DO NOT want to participate in the class actions – then you must opt out! To opt out, you must do so by no later than February 25, 2019, in accordance with the instructions set out in the Notice here.

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