Consumer Class Actions

Investigation Counsel P.C. acts on behalf of Canadian consumers in cases involving dangerous or shoddy products; misleading advertising that misrepresents the alleged quality or benefits of a consumer product or service; invasion of privacy and the unauthorized access and use of consumers’ personal data; and fraudulent billing that results in consumers paying hidden charges and fees.

Participation In A Consumer Class Action

By participating in a class action, consumers have the ability to achieve a settlement or judgment in favor of the class that results in fair compensation and that can benefit the public at large by deterring and preventing unfair and deceptive business practices, the misuse of confidential information, and the manufacture and distribution of inherently dangerous products.
Investigation Counsel can provide knowledgeable, timely guidance and representation in consumer class actions and protect your rights as a consumer.  We welcome your inquiries.  You can also view a list of consumer class actions under investigation here.