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Our Focus Is Fraud Recovery Litigation

Welcome to Investigation Counsel.  We are a law firm licensed as a professional corporation to provide legal services in the Province of Ontario. The legal services we offer as lawyers are an extension of our fraud and investigation law experience and our law enforcement backgrounds – a combination that is unique in the legal services industry.  Our focus includes:

  • Fraud and Debt Recovery Litigation – pursuing civil recovery relating to investment, corporate, insurance, banking, relationship frauds and psychic frauds;
  • Immigration Fraud Litigation – At Investigation Counsel PC we have prosecuted various immigration fraud cases, and prepared criminal and regulatory complaints. If you suspect you are a victim of immigration fraud, we welcome your inquiry.
  • Independent Supervising Solicitor (ISS) – acting as independent officers of the Court to execute and enforce Anton Piller Orders in fraud recovery actions;
  • Criminal Prosecutions – preparing Crown briefs in fraud matters for filing with the police to expedite criminal prosecutions or, alternatively, for bringing private criminal prosecutions;
  • Insurance Litigation – conducting pre-action examinations under oath in all forms of insurance claims, defending insurers in actions where claims are made based on fraudulent and dishonest conduct by the insureds of third parties, and bringing subrogation fraud claims to assist insurers where they have suffered a loss due to fraud;
  • Corporate Litigation – litigating corporate oppression and shareholder dispute actions where fraud or other forms of dishonest or oppressive conduct takes place between shareholders;
  • Defence of Private Investigators and Police – responding to false arrest, investigation negligence, invasion of privacy, malicious prosecution, defamation, conspiracy, harassment, economic interference, and other investigation-related tort allegations; and
  • Due Diligence – Due Diligence Investigations are a service we provide to businesses, institutions and individuals to protect our clients from falling victim to fraud
  • Family and Estate Litigation – assisting family law and estate counsel in asset tracing and other investigative endeavors.
  • Investor Class Actions – Investor rights deserve to be strongly protected and enforced. We act for individual retail and institutional investors seeking to recover financial losses resulting from securities fraud, market manipulation, and the misrepresentation or non-disclosure of material information by public companies, their officers and directors, and their professional advisors. If you have suffered such losses and want to know more about pursuing an investor class action, or a group or individual suit, please contact us.
In fraud investigations and litigation, information is crucial to success.  We welcome you to consult with and contact the networks of those who either complement or compete with the services we offer, including:

  • Investigation Counsel Network – a listing of lawyers with law enforcement experience;
  • Fraud Law Network – a listing of lawyers who focus on fraud recovery litigation; and
  • Fraud Investigators Network – a listing of investigative associations.

We provide complementary consultations to those in our corporate, insurance, financial, investigation, and police networks on all legal matters, making referrals where it is appropriate, and respecting referrals when they are received.

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